Orc Shaman Assemble!

This is a compilation of the entire Orc Shaman ordeal, which I started sometime last year and finally finished early this year (at least for the sculpt). I'll briefly describe the process. for each pic

This is actually a later picture after I started sculpting, but I started with some concept sketches, I wanted to make an orc shaman, so I first did a rough drawing of the front and back and then moved on to  some essential very voodoo shaman gear, like a shrink'n head, which I never included in the final sculpt.

What I wanted to achieve in doing an orc shaman is to develop some familiarity for basic muscle groups, at least for an orc lol. Orc bod is the new craze. I started with a wired armature, then a layer of milliput clay as primer, and then proceeded to bulk up with fimo. I tried to take it very slowly so I can learn the shape of various anatomy.

Sculpting the head separately, Canadian dime for scale.

Baked in the oven for around 20mins. The top was charred a little but it adds to the flavour. Cna't say I did well on the muscles but generally gain a good understanding of where everything goes for the most part. I also assumed that orcs don't have genitals, but who knows.

Slowly adding individual items, statering with the staff and mask, then the cape at the back. Its my first time trying fur, and I can say I'm quite satisfied.

 The "almost complete" shot, minus the hands and some fine tuned details. Also added a scroll pouch at the back, which I really liked.

The finishing product, it was a good exercise. I feel like the post can be better, perhaps with 1 leg more elevated so it looks like the shaman is in motion. But generally I'm satisified with the results. Time to move on to the next big project.


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